The Galaxy Design Co. has been making images and websites for the internet since it was invented….

So below you will see some of the latest websites and online resources we’ve made for some of our awesome clients (more like friends now, it’s been such a long time, and we’ve had so many coffees/beers/meals together over the years ) for the more distant clients we like to Skype or talk or text or email and the job gets done all the same… sometimes a lot faster because not much gets produced while at a BBQ…

Anyways, yea, we like to keep it casual but that doesn’t mean we miss deadlines… no no no, indeed The Galaxy Design Co. prides itself on meeting milestones and deadlines as though it were the end of the world tomorrow! Very important. Ultimately, the client loves this and the fact that we are available 24/7 if need be. The Galaxy Design Co. Manifesto (point #1) “No worries”…

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Young Motors Website
Young Motors Website
Young Motors Website
Hana Website
Ian Butcher Architect Website
Martarni Website
Kai Ora

Ko Wai (2016) animated stories

Ko Wai is a collection of  3 animated stories
Pōpō! | Tirotiro Kau Au | Ka Eke ki Wairaka | Rūaumoko

As with most resources for HANA, illustrations/photography:  Ellie May Logan animation/programming/website: Galaxy.

Kai Ora

Kai Ora 3 (2014) digital books

Kai Ora is a collection of  12 digital books in PDF & iPad web app formats Visit this link on an iPad to see how they work.


Hina (2010) animated Flash interactive

Hina is a multi-media collection of resources comprising six books for students, posters, an online resource (get into the really cool animated story via "ngā kōrero" button, then there's a choice of 3 stories. "Whakaterea" will bring up the navigation). Galaxy produced all the animated Flash interactives and interface utilising the beautiful illustration work of Ellie May Logan.

Tērā Ia Ngā Tai

Tērā Ia Ngā Tai (2009)

Galaxy produced all Tērā Ia Ngā Tai’s online interactive components comprising talking books with rollover glossaries.


Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū (2007)

Galaxy designed and built Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū’s online talking books, rollover glossaries and comprehension quizzes.


He Puia, he Iwi (2004)

Published in three languages (Māori, Hawai’ian and English), both in print and online. Galaxy designed and built the interface and Flash application. He Puia, he Iwi was nominated, in the category of e-learning, to represent New Zealand at the World Summit Awards in Tunisia, November 2005 (UN Awards for excellence in digital content).

Ahurea ki Tua

Ahurea ki Tua (2003)

Ahurea ki Tua is an adaptation of a mainstream school resource that was originally produced by UNESCO and the NZ Futures Trust. It was published as a print resource for teachers and students. Galaxy built the online component.

Ahurea ki Tua

Te Ao Hurihuri (2001)

Te Ao Hurihuri is a multi-media collection of resources based on a lyrical recount of Māori cosmology. It includes a video, an audio CD of waiata and story, books, a textless large-format book, a web based resource and a CD-Rom.

Te Ao Hurihuri was entered into the TUANZ Awards for Innovation in Education in 2001, and was selected as a finalist.

Published 2001. The resource is available to schools in Aotearoa on request at Down the Back of the Chair. Phone 0800 660 662.

Te Ao Hurihuri’s interactive component comprises a talking book, winter and summer night sky charts, a lunar planting and fishing guide, song lyrics, and a music mixer..



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